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Williams Concerto 88H Digital Console Piano

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List: $1,495.00
Our Price: $699.99
Sale Price: $449.99

Rich sound and feel for a price any player can appreciate.

The hammer-action Williams Concerto 88H Digital Console Piano combines realistic sounds with superb playability. The Concero's 88 keys and 38-note polyphony with 147 voices will give you plenty of sonic territory to explore. Other features include a blue backlit LCD display, a metronome, accompaniment control, record and playback, 99 styles, 10 demo songs, and user preset memory. Handles 16 channels of MIDI. Headphone, aux. out for connecting external speakers, and pedal jacks. The Williams Concerto 88H Digital Console Piano has a 25W dual speaker system.

Williams Concerto 88H Digital Console Piano Features:

* 88 hammer keys
* 38-note polyphony (max)
* 147 voices
* 99 styles + 1 metronome
* 10 demo songs
* Blue backlit LCD
* Instant piano voice
* Accompaniment control
* Record and playback
* User preset memory
* 16 MIDI channels
* Headphone, aux out, and pedal jacks
* 25W dual speaker system

$75 Instant Rebate - Line 6 TonePort KB37! - Amazing MIDI Controller & Interface!

Keyboard Gear

$75 Instant Rebate - Line 6 TonePort KB37! - Amazing MIDI Controller & Interface!

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Purchase a Toneport KB37 and receive a $75 Instant Rebate!!! Price shown reflects rebate

Line 6 guitar and vocal recording that lets you easily add keyboard parts.

The Line 6 TonePort KB37 is the latest addition to the award-winning TonePort family of USB recording and modeling audio interfaces from Line 6. With it you can record your guitar and vocals with renowned Line 6 sound and add a few choice keyboard parts to top off your compositions. The TonePort KB37 gives you 37 full-sized synth-action keys, pitch/mod wheels, assignable transport controls, an expression pedal input, and the same dual footswitch jacks as the UX2 for control of effect on/off, tone select, tap tempo, and other parameters as well as sustain, start/stop, and punch in for your MIDI/music recording software.

18 guitar and five bass amp/cab models; 30 stompbox and studio effects; and six high-end studio microphone preamp models deliver professional Line 6 sound to all your recordings. You can record through two mic inputs (with 48V phantom power), a guitar/bass input, and stereo line inputs. Other I/O includes a S/PDIF out, TRS line outputs, TRS monitor input, and independent headphone jack. It also gives you assignable VU meters and selectable 16- or 24-bit recording at 44.1, 48, or 96kHz. A real breakthrough is the Tone Direct monitoring, which lets you hear the signal with full Line 6 processing and zero latency. And all of it is now compatible with Macintoshes as well as PCs.

$99 Rebate - When You Buy An Alesis Fusion Or Akai MPD16 MIDI Pad!

Keyboard Gear

Alesis Fusion 6HD 61-Note Keyboard Workstation
The Fusion 6HD boasts a revolutionary operating system, the Fusion OS, that is constantly being refined by Alesis and its developers to bring you the...
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Akai MPD16 USB/MIDI Pad Controller
The Akai MPD16 is a dedicated pad controller with MIDI and USB outputs you can use with any sampler, sound module, sequencer, or software to record...
Price: $99.99 Item Ships Free!
List Price: $399.00
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Alesis Fusion 8HD 88-Note Keyboard Workstation
The Alesis Fusion 8HD Keyboard Workstation boasts a revolutionary operating system, the Fusion OS, that is constantly being refined by Alesis and its...
Price: $1,499.99 Item Ships Free!
List Price: $2,999.00
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Instant Rebate On Line 6 TonePort KB3
• Yamaha MM6 - Huge Motif Sound, Small Price
• Korg TR Series Workstations - $100 Cash Back
• Zoom Handy H4 Digital Recorder - Just $299
• Deals On Valdesta Digital Pianos - From $699

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Musician's Friend Latest Catalog

Our April catalog is hot off the press. You'll also find sweet deals on musical instruments and gear in every department including guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, recording, and live sound.

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Casio LK-200S Key Lighting Keyboard

Casio LK-200S Key Lighting Keyboard

Casio LK-200S Key Lighting Keyboard

Casio's LK-200S has been designed to provide a fun way to learn how to play. The keys light up as you play, or can be used to guide you through the melody of a pre-programmed song. 61 Full-Size Illuminated keys, 32 -note polyphony, 264 tones, 120 rhythms, 100 tunes, Microphone jack with volume control for sing along, LCD display, 3 step lesson system with scoring, MIDI, USB port and SD card slot.

In addition to a Key Lighting Keyboard and a 3-step lesson system the LK-200S incorporates stereo, USB and an SD Card Slot to take a beginner to the next level. General MIDI makes it possible to communicate with other MIDI devices regardless of the brand. It also moves you up to Digital Effects (4 reverb and 4 chorus).

3-Step Lesson System The 3-Step Lesson System lets you practice at your own pace. The keyboard automatically grades your performances, so you can trace your progress as you improve.

3-Step Lesson System: Use any of the keyboard's built-in tunes or SMF data from a memory card and learn to play as the keyboard keys light to teach you the correct notes. Step 1 - First practice the timing of the notes. Step 2 - Play along at your own pace. Soon you will be ready for step three, where you play along at normal speed.

Evaluation System: The keyboard can be configured to rate your performanced during the Step 3 lesson by assigning points.

Casio LK-200S Key Lighting Keyboard Features:

* 61 Standard-size keys
* Key Light System: Can be turned on and off (up to 10 keys can be lit at the same time)
* Tones: 264 (128 panel tones + 128 General MIDI Tones + 8 drum sets)
* Digital Effects: Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types)
* Polyphony: 32 notes maximum (16 for certain tones)

* Rhythm Patterns : 120
* Chords: 2 fingering methods (CASIO CHORD, FINGERED)
* 3-Step Lesson: 3 lessons (Step 1, 2, 3)
* Playback: Repeat play on a single tune
* Lesson Part: Left hand, right hand, both hands
* Evaluation Mode: Scoring
* Voice Fingering Guide: On/Off

Song Bank, Piano Bank
* Number of Tunes: 100 (Song Bank: 65, Piano Bank 35)
* User Songs: Number of Songs: Up to 10 download songs
* Capacity: Approximately 320 KB*
* *Calculated based on 1 KB = 1024 bytes
* Metronome: On/Off
* Beat Specifications: 0, 2 to 6

Other Functions
* Tempo: Variable (226 steps, notes = 30 to 255)
* Transpose: 25 steps (-12 semitones to + 12 semitones)
* Tuning: 101 steps (A4 = approximately 440Hz +/-50Cents)

Memory Cards
* Supported Memory Cards: SD memory cards, optional Casio song data cards*
* *May not be available in some geographic areas
* Supported SD Cards: 1 GB or less (Cards with capacity greater than 1 GB are not supported)
* Maximum Number of Importable Songs: Up to 1,000
* Supported Data: SMF Format 0, CASIO Original Format CM2

I/O Terminals
* Sustain/Assignable Jack: Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm start/stop)
* Phones/Output Jack: Stereo standard jack
* Output Impedance: 78ohms
* Output Voltage: 4.5V (RMS) MAX
* Microphone In: Standard jack (with microphone volume knob)
* Input impedance: 2K ohms
* Input sensitivity: 10mV
* USB port
* SD Card Slot
* Power Jack: 9V DC

Speaker Output : 2.0W + 2.0W
* Power Consumption: 9V...7.7W
* Dimensions: 37-1/4" x 14-11/16" x 5-5/16"
* Weight: Approximately 10.4 lbs

Casio Privia PX-200 88-Key Digital

Casio Privia PX-200 88-Key Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-200 88-Key Digital Piano

Compact 88-key digital piano squeezes into the tightest spaces!

With 128 note polyphony and the advanced AIF triple element sound engine, the Casio PX-200 will put realistic piano tones at your fingertips without the worry of drop offs during high speed passages and performances that require intensive pedal operations. The advanced filtering allows tones to decay naturally with the realism of an acoustic piano while the sensitive touch response on the electronic keyboard allows a broad dynamic range of performance. The hammer action keyboard is graded to reproduce the weighted feel of an acoustic piano. Features a powerful two way bass-reflex speaker system and SD card slot for expanded storage. Stand not included.

Casio Privia PX-200 88-Key Digital Piano Features:

* 88 full sized scaled hammer action keys
* AIF triple element sound source
* 128 note polyphony
* 162 tones
* 20 rhythms
* 72 songs + 10 user
* Reverb/chorus/brilliance/DSP/acoustic resonance
* Song memory - 5 songs x 2 tracks
* Song expansion
* Lesson function
* metronome
* LED display
* Transpose/tuning
* General MIDI
* SD card slot
* USB terminals
* Line out
* Powerful 2-way bass reflex speaker system - 8w + 8w
* Stand not included

Korg M3 Workstation/Sampler Keyboard

Korg M3 Workstation/Sampler Keyboard

Korg M3 Workstation/Sampler Keyboard

OASYS power comes to the M series!

The M3 Music Workstation/Sampler modernizes the M series and brings KARMA and OASYS technology to a much more affordable level. The M3 pulls the EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator derived from the HD-1 engine design from the OASYS, full implementation of KARMA functionality from the OASYS, and the multipurpose control surface. Adding innovations such as virtualized hardware that allows an even closer integration with DAW systems, drum tracks which provide an instant groove to play along with, and the Korg Komponent System concept facilitates more flexible system construction.

Enhanced Definition Synthesis
The M3 features a newly developed EDS sound generating system based on a chip design that was developed in parallel with the HD-1 engine from the flagship OASYS. It takes full advantage of the M3's 256MB of PCM source material. Using Korg's advanced voicing technology, the 1,028 multisamples, 1,606 drum samples, dual oscillators, 4-level velocity switching/crossfading/layering, and stereo sampling allow for an enormous range of high-quality, detailed, and expressive sounds.

The filter section, a vital part of the sound-creation process, lets you simultaneously use two resonant filters for each oscillator, and can be configured in series or parallel. Four filter types are provided: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject.

The amp section features a driver circuit that gives the sound a sense of edge and character, along with low boost to help shake the walls when needed. Integrated 3-band EQ allows tonal sculpting without needing to go to the effects section. Detailed envelope generators, abundant modulation routings, plus the all-new AMS Mixers for advanced processing all combine to provide a level of sound shaping far beyond previous possibilities.

The effect section provides up to five Insert effects, two Master effects, and one Total effect. In addition to great choruses, flangers, phasers, delays and reverbs, the 170 effect types include dynamic processing effects such as compressor and limiter, amp modeling and speaker simulation effects using Korg s proprietary REMS modeling technology, and evocative effects like the Grain Shifter and Talking Modulator.

Funky Drummer
The M3 provides a Drum Track function that adds a groove to each sound you play. Combined with KARMA it makes a Program a complete sonic adventure that is sure to inspire. You can select patterns from over 500 in internal memory and start them with a dedicated button, from a desired region of the keyboard or by playing a velocity that s above a specified threshold. Since the Drum Track uses MIDI data stored in a Pattern, it is easy for you to create your own in the Sequencer Mode, either recording them, importing them from SMF data or other user s songs, or converting recorded KARMA data as MIDI events for further manipulation. Even sampled loops can be used!

Expanded Combination Mode
Combination Mode is where multiple Programs can be freely assigned as splits and layers across the keyboard, including velocity switching and cross-fading for complex and expressive sounds. The M3 allows for sixteen timbres at the same time, including a Drum Track, up to four KARMA Modules, multiple effects and much more. Each timbre has dedicated 3-band EQ for getting the perfect mix, and a powerful Tone Adjust setup for detailed in-context sound shaping.

Great sounds
Korg s acclaimed international voicing team delivers the goods once again: stunningly realistic imitative sounds, fat synth sounds, imaginative textures, evocative sound effects it s all here. The M3 comes loaded with 512 Programs, and room for a total of 1,664 user sounds (13 Banks plus GM). All sound locations are fully editable (except GM banks), so you are always free to tweak a sound if needed. Adding in the EXB-RADIAS option delivers 128 powerful MMT synthesis sounds. There are 32 drumkits provided, and room for a total of 144. As for the 16-part Combinations, 384 come preloaded, with room for a total of 1,792 (14 Banks).

All sounds (Programs and Combinations) are organized by Categories and Sub-Categories for easy searching and selection, making it easy to find and organize your sounds.

Second Generation KARMA
The second generation KARMA functionality that first appeared on the OASYS is fully implemented in the M3. KARMA is the inspiring, real-time music generation system that can help you play everything from natural instrument gestures like intricate finger-picking, strumming and harp glissandos, to complex cascades of notes, dance-riffs, gated and chopping effects and improvising drum grooves.

In Program Mode, one KARMA Generated Effect (GE) can be used, in Combi and Sequencer modes, four KARMA Modules are available simultaneously. Eight sliders, eight switches, and eight scenes provide dedicated real-time control and the ability to store complete snapshots of your settings.

The Control Surface can access and manipulate each module individually on its own Module Layer. In addition to the four individual Module Layers, there is a Master Layer that can be mapped to parameters from any of the modules, even grouping them together.

Finally, the second generation KARMA provides a signature sonic effect called KARMA Wave-Sequencing that can change a sound s waveforms rhythmically in realtime, along with everything else KARMA is doing, allowing each note to access a different waveform as it is generated. The results can resemble traditional wave-sequencing, or enter completely new realms of sound design.

Ultimate expressive power
The color LCD of the M3 not only provides a touch-view GUI that ensures intuitive and easy operation, but it also operates as an X-Y Pad, allowing sound and effect parameters to be controlled in real-time by sliding your finger across or tapping on the screen much like the innovative Korg KAOSS Pad. Further control is provided by a Motion function that lets you capture and play back your finger moves to shape your sound and performance in unique ways. The screen even changes colors in response to the movement of your finger for cool visual feedback to your performance.

Eight dynamic, velocity-sensitive pads give you a great way to play drum sounds or up to 8-note chords, either live or as triggers for the powerful KARMA function.

The eight slider/eight switch control surface offers the same multi-functionality as on the OASYS: it can be used as a mixer, a set of expressive sound controls, an editing interface, a realtime KARMA performance interface, or to control external software and hardware synths and effects.

RADIAS inside
You can add an internal RADIAS analog modeling synthesizer sound generator board (one timbre, four parts, up to 24 voices), with on-screen integration of all its parameters and full integration with the M3 s effects, control surface and KARMA functionality. The EXB-RADIAS offers the same vocoder as the RADIAS, offering 16 bands with individual control over level and panning. Formant Motion records the formant of a sung or spoken phrase so it can be recreated anytime.

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Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench

Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench

List: $44.95
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $19.99

Top-selling portable keyboard bench!

The Yamaha PKBB1's ultra-thick padding, extra-wide single seat, and adjustable height assures the utmost comfort. The bench folds up for your traveling convenience. 17.5"-19.5" height. Black finish.

Kurzweil KME-61 Synthesizer

Kurzweil KME-61 Synthesizer

Our Price: $449.00
List Price: $849.00

Stellar samples, loads of presets, electrifying effects, and 32-voice polyphony.

256 presets using samples from the Kurzweil PC-2 series including stereo triple-strike piano, electric pianos, strings, basses, guitars, vocals, percussion, and more. Delivers fabulous flexibility with 30 effects combos; 32 multitimbral setups with up to 3 zones; 61-key keyboard with aftertouch, pitch and mod wheels; included switch pedal; control pedal jack; stereo audio outs; headphone out; MIDI I/O/thru; and 16-channel multitimbral. Change and store effects for each of the 256 presets. Create and store 16 multitimbral setups.

Kurzweil KME-61 Synthesizer Features:

* 256 presets
* Samples from the Kurzweil PC-2 series
* 30 effects combos
* 32 multitimbral setups with up to 3 zones
* 61-key keyboard with aftertouch
* Pitch and mod wheels
* Included switch pedal
* Control pedal jack
* Stereo audio outs
* Headphone out
* MIDI I/O/thru
* 16-channel multitimbral
* Change and store effects for presets
* Create and store 16 multitimbral setups

Thursday, April 05, 2007

$299 OFF YAMAHA M06... Plus Bonus Stand ($60 Value)

Yamaha MO6 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer Workstation with DAW Control

Yamaha MO6 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer Workstation with DAW Control

Includes a Free Gift Item!
Buy today and receive the following gift item!

* 1 - ProLine Quick Release Single X-Brace Keyboard Stand

MOTIF synth power and DAW software control in an affordable, compact workstation.

The MO6 delivers Yamaha's powerful MOTIF synth engine functions and sounds in a compact, affordable workstation. Plus, it doubles as a powerful computer recording partner, giving you sounds and controls to use with your DAW software. It has 61 weighted, touch-sensitive keys, 64-note polyphony, 256 user presets, 256 performance presets, 5-band master EQ, a backlit graphic LCD, plus USB and S/PDIF outs for digital connectivity.

The Yamaha MO series production synthesizers use pro-level technology from the MOTIF series and feature 175MB of expressive, powerful sounds. They have 512 original, realistic instrument voices, 64 drum kits, 128 GM tones, a GM drum kit, modern and vintage synth models. You also get 18 responsive, realtime filters and over 200 high-quality effects for sound shaping and signal processing. The MO series are attractive units for musicians looking for an affordable workstation for their main production tool or as a performance synth.

The song sequencer includes a pattern mode, phrase building, and a one-key arpeggiator with 1700 sequenced phrases. The MO series also seamlessly integrates into computer music systems via USB, letting you control software functions from the keyboard. Using the Studio Connections system you can make and save MO settings to a song within your DAW software and use recall to restore settings later. The Audio Integration features let you seamlessly assign and access the MO from your sequencer as a plug-in synthesizer.

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Casio PX800 Digital Stage Piano

Our Price: $899.99
List Price: $1,199.95
You Save: $299.96

The PX-800 takes digital piano sound quality to a new level. Grand piano sound and feel in an elegant integrated stand with built-in SD card slot and expanded song memory. State of the art sampling engineering provides the most advanced acoustic piano sound in a digital piano. The stylish PX-800 is sure to fit in any d├ęcor.

Casio PX200 Digital Stage Piano

Our Price: $699.99
List Price: $899.95
You Save: $199.96

The PX-200 takes digital piano sound quality to a new level. This Privia model truly raises the sound bar. Grand piano sound and feel in a portable keyboard that easily moves from the home to the stage or the studio. The PX-200 also has a built-in SD card slot and expanded song memory. State of the art sampling engineering provides the most advanced acoustic piano sound in a digital piano. (Stand Optional)

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