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Kawai MP5

Keyboard Gear

$1,199.00 -or- $36/mo. - Apply!
List Price: $1,495.00 Savings: $296.00(19%)

Loaded with professional sounds and Kawai's acclaimed graded-hammer action!

The Kawai MP5 continues the heritage of Kawai's highly acclaimed MP9000 and MP95000 stage pianos with 256 high-quality instrument sounds. Included is Kawai's famous Concert Grand piano sound along with a newly sampled alternative grand piano, plus dozens of other instruments The MP5 incorporates the Advanced Hammer Action IV with Acoustic Reaction technology, featuring a graded-hammer action. The AHA IV delivers uncompromising feel in a surprising lightweight and portable keyboard action.

The MP5 also features many of the powerful controller functions found on its predecessors, including 4-zone control, real-time control knobs, and 256 user setups. A backlight LCD, MIDI I/O, USB connectivity, reverb, and 22 effect types add to the power and convenience. Additionally, the MP5 has been upgraded to 192 voice polyphony. A music rack and damper pedal are included.

The MP5 Professional Stage Piano is sure to satisfy the most demanding performer's need for impeccable sound quality, responsive touch, and powerful control. The MP5 delivers all this, and more . . . all at an impressively affordable price.

Kawai MP5 Professional Stage Piano Specifications:

* Dimensions: 53.38" x 13.38" x 6.78 " (1356 mm x 340 mm x 172 mm)
* Weight: 45 lbs. (20.5 kg)

Kawai MP5 Professional Stage Piano Features:

* Keyboard: 88 Weighted Keys
* Action: Advanced Hammer Action IV with Acoustic Reaction™ technology
* Sound Soure: Harmonic Imaging™ Sound Technology
* Sounds: 32 x Piano, 32 x E.Piano, 32 x Drawbar, 32 x Organ,
* 32 x Strings/Vocal, 32 x Brass/Wind, 32 x Pad/Synth,
* 32 x Bass/Guitar - 256 Total Sounds
* Polyphony: 192
* Zones: 4
* Reverb Types: 7 Types: Hall 1, Hall 2, Stage 1, Stage 2, Room 1,
* Room 2, Plate
* Effect Types: Chorus, Flanger, Celeste, Ensemble, Delay 1, Delay 2,
* Delay 3, Delay 4, Auto Pan 1, Auto Pan 2, Auto Pan 3,
* Tremolo 1, Tremolo 2, Tremolo 3, Phaser 1, Phaser 2,
* Rotary 1, Rotary 2, Auto Wah, Pedal Wah, Enhancer, Overdrive
* Setup Memory: 256 Setups
* Display: 16 x 2 LCD with backlight
* Controls: Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Master Volume, Zone Volume (x4), Zone Edit selection (x4), Zone On/Off (x4), Real Time Edit control (x4), Control Mode switch (x4), SW On/Off, EFX On/Off, Reverb On/Off, Menu Up, Menu Down, Value Up, Value Down, Sound Mode, Setup Mode (System Mode), Sound/Setup select (8x8x4), Store, Transpose, Metronome
* Jacks: 1/4" jacks for Line Out (L/Mono, R or 2x Mono), Headphone jack, Damper/Soft pedal, Foot
* Switch (assignable), Expression (assignable), MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB (to Host), AC Inlet,Power Switch On/Off
* Accessories: Owner's Manual, Music Rack, Power Cable, Damper Pedal

An impressive professional instrument at a surprisingly affordable price. Put it in the cart!

CME UF-70 76-Key Master Keyboard MIDI Controller Features:

Keyboard Gear

Extremely versatile MIDI control with wireless built right in!

The CME UF-70 76-Key Master Keyboard MIDI Controller brings together quality components with topnotch performance. You'll have professional control over all your soft synths and synth modules. The shimmering silver-cast aluminum body is durable and sleek, offering a stylish housing for the 76 synth-action, velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch.

Like the other updated UF series MIDI controllers, the UF-70 has built-in duplex wireless MIDI interface with error correction function, class-compliant USB, a redesigned control panel, shortcut function keys, user template memory, all control components are freely assignable, the velocity curve has been increased, and aftertouch is now adjustable. The UF-70 also has scales and tuning control for Arabian and Asian music styles, as well as the U-CTRL music software auto-recognition system for instant control without templates or presets. The integrity of your performance is safeguarded by CME with increased continuous controller data density.

The UF-70 also has pitch and modulation wheels; 8 assignable knobs and 9 assignable sliders that also have preset functions; an LED display; and DAW transport controls. I/O includes a breath controller port, MIDI out, USB port, and an M-LAN-compatible FireWire audio expansion card, as well as an additional MIDI in on the expansion card. The USB connection can works as a USB/MIDI port and supplies power for the controller.

CME UF-70 76-Key Master Keyboard MIDI Controller Specifications:

* 1232 x 348 x 113 mm
* 11.8 kg

CME UF-70 76-Key Master Keyboard MIDI Controller Features:

* 76 keys semi-weighted action keyboard with aftertouch
* Pitch bend and modulation wheels
* 8 assignable control knobs, preset functions including Cutoff/Resonance/Attack/Release/PAN/Reverb/Chorus/Tempo
* 9 assignable control faders, preset functions including volume for 1-16 channels and master volume, and drawbar for organ sounds.
* LED data display, control button including program, transpose, octave, channel, keyboard split and 6 sequencer remote buttons, including REC, PLAY, STOP, FAST REWIND, REWIND AND RETURN TO START, etc.
* Breath controller port
* 1 MIDI out port

Korg M3 88-Key Workstation

Keyboard Gear

OASYS-inspired power comes to the M series!

Korg redefines the workstation keyboard category by distilling the power of their flagship OASYS into the M3! The powerful EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator is derived from the OASYS' HD-1 engine design, and it also has advanced second-generation KARMA functionality in addition to a multi-purpose control surface. This M3 music workstation/sampler is an 88-key model that uses Korg's authentic RH3: Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard with zone graded action response for great playing feel and expressive aftertouch response.

Adding innovations such as the new concept of virtualized hardware that allows tighter integration with DAW systems, Drum Tracks which provide a instant groove to play along with, and the Korg Komponent System concept that facilitates more flexible system construction, the M3 music workstation/sampler opens an exciting page in music making.

Enhanced Definition Synthesis—a new horizon of sound-making potential
The M3 keyboard features a newly developed EDS sound generating system based on a chip design developed in parallel with the HD-1 engine from the flagship OASYS. It takes full advantage of the M3's 256MB of PCM source material.

Using Korg's advanced voicing technology, the 1,028 multisamples, 1,606 drum samples, dual oscillators, four-level velocity switching/crossfading/layering, and stereo sampling allow for an enormous range of high-quality, detailed, and expressive sounds.

The filter section lets you simultaneously use two resonant filters for each oscillator and can be configured in series or parallel. Four filter types are provided: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject.

The amp section features a driver circuit that gives the sound a sense of edge and character, along with low boost to help shake the walls when needed. Integrated 3-band EQ allows tonal sculpting without needing to go to the effects section. Detailed envelope generators, abundant modulation routings, and the all-new AMS Mixers give you advanced processing possibilities for an intense level of sound shaping.

The effect section provides up to five insert effects, two master effects, and one total effect. In addition to great choruses, flangers, phasers, delays and reverbs, the 170 effect types include dynamic processing effects such as compressor and limiter, amp modeling and speaker simulation effects using Korg's proprietary REMS modeling technology, and evocative effects like the Grain Shifter and Talking Modulator.

Funky drummer
The M3 provides a Drum Track function that adds a groove to each sound you play. Combined with KARMA, Drum Tracks make a single program a complete sonic adventure sure to inspire. You can select from over 500 patterns and start them with a dedicated button, from a desired region of the keyboard, or by playing a velocity above a specified threshold. Drum Tracks are driven by MIDI data and stored in a pattern format so you can create your own patterns in sequencer mode by recording them or importing them from SMF data or other user's songs. You can also convert recorded KARMA data as MIDI events for further manipulation or import sampled loops.

Expanded Combination Mode
Combination Mode lets you assign multiple Programs freely as splits and layers across the keyboard, including velocity switching and cross-fading for complex and expressive sounds. The M3 allows for sixteen timbres at the same time, including a Drum Track, up to four KARMA Modules, multiple effects, and much more. Each timbre has dedicated 3-band EQ for getting the perfect mix, and a powerful Tone Adjust setup for detailed in-context sound shaping.

Great sounds
The M3's international voicing team delivers the goods: stunningly realistic imitative sounds, fat synth sounds, imaginative textures, evocative sound effects—it's all here. The M3 comes loaded with 512 Programs and room for a total of 1,664 user sounds (13 banks plus GM). All sound locations are fully editable (except GM banks), so you are always free to tweak a sound if needed. Adding in the EXB-RADIAS option delivers 128 powerful MMT synthesis sounds. There are 32 drum kits provided, and room for a total of 144. As for the 16-part Combinations, 384 come preloaded, with room for a total of 1,792 (14 banks). All sounds (Programs and Combinations) are divided by category and subcategory making it easy to find and organize your sounds.

Second Generation KARMA
The second generation KARMA functionality that first appeared on the OASYS is fully implemented in the M3. KARMA is the inspiring, realtime music generation system that can help you play everything from natural instrument gestures like intricate fingerpicking, strumming, and harp glissandos, to complex cascades of notes, dance riffs, gated, and chopping effects, plus improvising drum grooves.

In Program Mode, one KARMA Generated Effect (GE) can be used, in Combi and Sequencer modes, four KARMA Modules are available simultaneously. Eight sliders, eight switches, and eight scenes provide dedicated realtime control and the ability to store complete snapshots of your settings.

The Control Surface can access and manipulate each module individually on its own Module Layer. In addition to the four individual Module Layers, there is a Master Layer that can be mapped to parameters from any of the modules, even grouping them together.

Finally, KARMA provides a signature sonic effect called Wave-Sequencing that can change a sound's waveforms rhythmically in realtime, along with everything else KARMA is doing, allowing each note to access a different waveform as it is generated. The results can resemble traditional wave-sequencing, or enter completely uncharted realms of sound design.

Ultimate expressive power
The color LCD of the M3 not only provides a touchview GUI that ensures intuitive and easy operation, but it also operates as an X-Y Pad, allowing sound and effect parameters to be controlled in realtime by sliding your finger across or tapping on the screen—much like the innovative Korg KAOSS Pad. Further control is provided by a Motion function that lets you capture and play back your finger moves to shape your sound and performance in unique ways. The screen even changes colors in response to the movement of your finger for visual feedback of your performance.

Eight dynamic, velocity-sensitive pads give you a great way to play drum sounds or up to eight-note chords, either live or as triggers for the powerful KARMA function.

The eight slider/eight switch control surface offers the same multifunctionality as on the OASYS: it can be used as a mixer, a set of expressive sound controls, an editing interface, a realtime KARMA performance interface, or to control external software and hardware synths and effects.

RADIAS inside
You can add an internal RADIAS analog modeling synthesizer sound generator board (one timbre, four parts, up to 24 voices), with onscreen integration of all its parameters and full integration with the M3's effects, control surface and KARMA functionality. The EXB-RADIAS offers the same vocoder as the RADIAS, offering 16 bands with individual control over level and panning. Formant Motion records the formant of a sung or spoken phrase so it can be recreated anytime.

Open Sampling
The M3's Open Sampling System lets you sample and resample in any mode to produce remixed combinations of sounds and effects, or to capture full performances In-Track within the sequencer. Cutting-edge editing tools include Time Slice, Time Stretch, Crossfade Looping, Rate Change and Normalize.

Stock sampling memory is 64MB, and can be increased to 320MB by adding the optional EXB-M256 memory expansion board. Samples in Korg native format, AIFF, WAV, Soundfont V2.0 and AKAI (S-1000/3000 with advanced Program parameter conversion) formats can be used.

Sampling can also be done to attached media, so USB memory sticks and hard drives can be used to extend memory size to resample a complete song as a WAV file to be burned to a USB CD-R/RW as an audio disc, or for moving to a computer for further editing and manipulation.

High-Resolution Sequencer
The sequencer that's at the heart of the M3's song production is an intuitive 16-track design that holds up to 128 songs and 210,000 notes. The high timing resolution of 480 PPQ captures every nuance and detail of your performance. Three-band EQ per track provides detailed sound-shaping, as does the Tone Adjust sound tweaking function.

The Cue List function has been a popular feature ever since the now-classic TRITON series. It lets you create songs in sections, or play back completed songs as a medley. All the now-classic Korg features are included, such as the one-touch Auto Song Setup feature, which takes you from playing a Program or Combination to ready-to-record status in one easy step.

Song Templates contain pre-assigned effect routings and program assignments—the M3 comes with 16 of these Song Templates, plus another 16 you can custom-tailor to your own needs. Each Template Song also provides a number of rhythm patterns—including intro, fills and endings—you can use to instantly create a rhythm track.

Realtime Pattern Play and Record (RPPR) can be used to assign sequenced Patterns to individual keys on the keyboard for an interactive performance, or to quickly build up tracks. You can record controller data, Sys. Ex., or even KARMA phrases and trigger them as you like.

Virtualized hardware
By connecting the M3 to your computer via USB and using the included stand-alone M3 Editor software, you can edit sounds and settings from your computer. A plug-in version of M3 Editor is also provided, so you can use it from within your DAW as a plug-in instrument. The editor runs as a VST, AU or RTAS plug-in for maximum compatibility. For even more complete integration, Korg's new "Virtualized Hardware" concept comes into play. When the optional EXB-FW FireWire board is installed, a single FireWire cable will convey both the M3's MIDI and audio signals to the tracks of your DAW in which the plug-in is running.

Korg Komponent System
The M3 music workstation/sampler introduces the Korg Komponent System, featuring detachable keyboard and sound generator sections. The 61-key model lets you mount a RADIAS-R analog modeling synthesizer instead of the M3-M sound generator, the 73-key model lets you mount the M3-M together with a RADIAS-R analog modeling synthesizer, and the 88-key model supports the combination of M3-M and RADIAS-R or even mounting two M3-M units simultaneously. Of course you can detach the M3-M sound generator and use it as a sound module, giving you great flexibility for constructing the system you need whenever you want.

A rich array of input/output jacks
The M3 offers two analog and two digital (S/P DIF) inputs. In addition to the main two-channel output (L/MONO, R), there are four independent outputs as well as two-channel digital output (24-bit optical S/P DIF). Two USB connectors are provided: a type-B USB connector for connection to your computer as a MIDI interface, and dual type-A connectors for connecting external storage media. USB 2.0 is supported to ensure high-speed transfer of large amounts of data.

The optional EXB-FW adds Firewire ports for conveying both audio and MIDI to your computer, and for daisy-chaining the M3 in your Firewire-based studio setup.

Three pedal inputs are provided, including damper jack support for half-damper sensing. The footswitch and footpedal jacks can be assigned to wide choice of functions including modulation, sostenuto, Program advance, punch-in recording and much more.

Korg M3 88-Key Music Workstation Keyboard Specifications:

* Frequency response: 20 Hz 20 kHz, +/-1.0 dB, 10 k Ohms load
* THD+N: 20 Hz 20 kHz, 0.08 % 10 k Ohms load (typical)

* Module: 26.50"(W) x 7.95"(D) x 3.23"(H)
* Keyboard and Module:
* 40"(W) x 14.65"(D) x 4.76"(H) (module down)
* 40"(W) x 14.65"(D) x 6.73"(H) (module up)
* Weight: 58.42 lbs (26.5 kg)
* Current Consumption: 35 Watts

System Requirements
* Computer with the KORG USB-MIDI Driver

* Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional Service Pack 2 or later (MIDI Driver for the 64-bit editions is a Beta version), all editions of Microsoft Windows Vista (MIDI Driver for the 64-bit editions is a Beta version), computer supports Windows XP/Vista with USB port (Intel USB Host Controller recommended).

* Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, Apple Macintosh with USB ports supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 (PowerPC/Intel-based supported).
* M3 Editor/Plug-In Editor

* Windows XP Home Edition / Professional Service Pack 2 or later, Intel Pentium III/1 GHz or faster, 512 Mbyte or larger memory (1 Gbyte or larger recommended)

* Mac OS X 10.4 or later, G4/800 MHz or faster (Intel-based Mac supported, G5 and/or Core Duo recommended), 512 Mbyte or larger memory (1 Gbyte or larger recommended)
* Computer with the EXB-FW

* Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition / Professional Service Pack 2, computer supports Windows XP with Firewire port.

* Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Apple Macintosh with Firewire ports supports Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC/Intel-based supported).

Korg M3 88-Key Music Workstation Keyboard Features:

* Overview
* Keyboard - 88-key weighted action (RH3: Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard with zone graded action response)
* Controllers - Joystick, Ribbon Controller, [SW1], [SW2]

* TO MODULE (for connection to M3-M tone generator module)
* TO MODULE (second))

Display - 5.7 inch color TouchView GUI, 320 x 240 dot, X Y control function
* Control Inputs - Damper Pedal (half damper pedaling supported), Assignable Switch, Assignable Pedal

Synthesis Technology
* EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis)
* MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) sound generator can be added by installing the optional EXB-RADIAS

Tone Generator
* 256 Mbyte (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
* 1,032 Multisamples
* 1,606 Drum Samples

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