Friday, November 24, 2006

Evolution MK-461C

Evolution MK-461C 61-Key Advanced Mobile USB MIDI Controller
Price: $149.99
List: $329.00

Ideal for both computer-based and standalone MIDI control.

The Evolution MK-461C is a 5-octave USB MIDI controller featuring 9 assignable 35mm sliders, 12 assignable rotary knobs, 10 assignable buttons and 61 full-size, touch-sensitive keys. The sustain pedal, pitch bend and modulation wheels are all fully assignable for a total of 30 assignable controllers.

The MK-461C has 10 memory locations to store your configurations, as well as presets configured to control popular music software, right out of the box. The keypad and backlit LCD allow you to program while you play. Drawbar mode makes playing products like Native Instruments' B4 an authentic experience. USB-powered design allows you to make music with your laptop anytime, anywhere.

12 different velocity curves let you choose the response that's perfect for your touch. Slide controls are high-quality Alps faders.

More Performance/Programming Features
Program while you play with the unique keypad entry method-complete with dedicated function buttons, inc/dec controls and 10 memory presets. Organ Drawbar mode reverses the faders to respond just like the real thing. Controller Mute allows you to preadjust controller positions without sending data, then use Snapshot to send all current settings at once.

Comes bundled with free software to get you started, including a VST sequencer for PC.