Friday, December 11, 2009

eMedia Play Piano Pack

eMedia Play Piano Pack

eMedia Play Piano Pack

An easy, affordable way to learn how to play piano with 49 full-size key MIDI keyboard and software lessons.

The eMedia Play Piano Pack includes everything you need to play piano straight out of the box. It includes a 49 full-size key MIDI keyboard with built-in speakers, 50 instrument sounds, LCD display, an AC adapter, and a USB-MIDI interface for connecting the keyboard to the computer, making it an ideal, affordable solution for anyone who has thought about learning piano or keyboard. What's more, it includes a great teacher: the eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method CD-ROM (for Windows & Mac computers).

The award-winning eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method interactive educational software is what sets this keyboard pack apart from all others. Piano teacher Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the Juilliard School of Music, guides you through 300 lessons using videos and live recorded songs. The step-by-step curriculum features over 100 songs, and starts with basics such as hand position, rhythm, and playing on black keys and then moves on to playing with both hands, reading music notation, sight reading, scales, and much more.

The eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method is ideal for beginners of all ages. You learn at your own pace, and it's designed to be easy and fun. The Animated Keyboard shows you where to put your fingers as the live recorded music plays. Music Tracking highlights the notes or chords being played on the screen so it's simple to follow along. The speed of the music can be adjusted with MIDI tracks so you can learn at your own pace. Separate audio tracks (left/right hand, piano only/voice only) and colorful MIDI accompaniments provide engaging practice options. After you play a piece, you'll get interactive feedback on notes and rhythms played incorrectly and it will even show you what you should have played instead. Song Looping lets you highlight and repeat any section of music you wish to practice. Also included are valuable tools such as a metronome that helps you keep time and a digital recorder for making your own recordings.

eMedia Play Piano Pack Features:

* Keyboard
* 49 full-size keys
* Built-in speakers
* LCD display รข€' shows music notes as played
* 50 instrument sounds (includes drum kit)
* 5 drum pads
* 30 auto-accompaniment styles
* Record and playback feature
* Metronome
* Sustain feature
* One touch accompaniment
* 50 demo songs
* 8-note polyphony
* Headphone jack
* DV 9V jack