Wednesday, December 26, 2007


CME VX-6 Intelligent Keyboard MIDI Controller

CME VX-6 Intelligent Keyboard MIDI Controller

Motorized faders, USB MIDI/Audio, and lots of programming options for incredible MIDI and software control!

The CME VX-6 is an intelligent keyboard-style MIDI controller with 61 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch plus motorized faders and a dedicated transport section. Together with the plentiful programmable controls, automation, setup memory, and the U-CTRL software control capabilities, it makes the VX-6 a controller that meets the demands of the 21st century musician or producer. USB MIDI and audio allows the VX to interface directly with your PC's music software with no additional hardware. The U-CTRL function adheres to the popular Mackie Control template, allowing you to easily interface with virtually any feature your DAW or sequencer software without taking your hands off of the VX. It's multi-function expansion slot gives you many options for expansion, including a sound module with sample function, analog synthesizer module, firewire audio interface module, digital mixing console module and more.

CME VX-6 Intelligent Keyboard MIDI Controller Features:

* Built-in 32bit CPU
* Intelligent keyboard built-in USB Audio and MIDI, multi-function expansion
* 61 key semi-weighted keyboard
* Initial and after touch, velocity sensitive
* PadStyle' MIDI songs and styles help you to play live music easily
* Interactant mode to improve skill of your performance
* Multi-scale of the key to fit more kinds of ethnic music
* U-CTRL function makes you work with music software perfectly
* 12 x programmable trigger pads, velocity sensitive
* 8 x knob controllers (potentiometer)
* 9 x knob controllers (endless encoder)
* 9 x 60mm motor fader controllers
* 1 x ribbon controller
* 1 x pitch bend and modulation wheel
* 27 x function and number buttons
* 6 x SEQ transport buttons
* All controllers are programmable
* 1 x endless encoder for data entry
* Music software control templates with user bank memories
* 2 x 16 characters LCD display
* Firmware upgradeable via USB
* Multi-function expansion slot
* 4 x MIDI OUT, 1 x MIDI IN to supply real master keyboard function
* 2 x universal pedal connectors, full compatible with switch and expression pedal
* 1 x breath controller connector, full compatible with YAMAHA BC3
* 2 x Mic/Line input with gain knob, 1/4" phone jack
* 2 x Line output, 1/4" phone jack
* 2 x headphone outputs with volume knob, 1/4" phone jack
* USB Audio and MIDI, class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X
* USB Hub, USB bus-powered

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