Monday, December 31, 2007

Roland JUNO-D

Roland JUNO-D 61-Key Synthesizer

Roland JUNO-D 61-Key Synthesizer

Incredibly affordable and full-featured!

The Roland Juno D 61-Key Synthesizer is packed with hundreds of first-class sounds. You get expressive multi-effects, realtime performance controllers, and tools for groove creation and composition. The 61-note keyboard offers 64-voice polyphony and improved feel. 640 top-quality patches with split and layering capability are organized into categories for easy access. 20 rhythm sets, GM2 compatibility. 47 multi-effects. Powerful arpeggiator with 400 templates. Multi Chord memory for one-finger chord triggering; Rhythm Guide metronome. The awesome D-Beam controller offers intuitive sound control and front-panel control knobs enable instant fine-tuning. 2 tones can be assigned to each patch, and then split or layered. Mac/PC editing software included.

Roland JUNO-D 61-Key Synthesizer Specifications:

* Dimensions: 40-1/4"W x 11-1/2"D x 4-1/16"H
* Weight: 11 lbs.

Roland JUNO-D 61-Key Synthesizer Features:

* 61-key synth with velocity
* 64-voice polyphony
* 16-part multitimbral capability
* 640 tones
* 20 rhythm sets
* 47 multi-effects
* 8 choruses
* 8 reverbs
* 32MB of Wave ROM
* Phrase/arpeggiator with 400 templates
* Multi-chord memory for one-finger chord triggering
* Rhythm guide metronome with presets and variations
* 128 user memory patches
* Separate tempo track
* Stores 100 user-programmable patterns or one song
* Dimension beam controller
* Mac/PC editing software included