Monday, February 05, 2007

Editing Synthesizer Presets

Editing the presets on your synth or creating new sounds from scratch can instantly extend your instrument's musical potential. Most modern keyboards' sounds come from sample waveforms that are "burned" onto a chip and stored inside your synthesizer. These sounds are usually sampled in professional recording studios, so most synth samples are very similar in quality. These samples are massaged by your synth's filters, amps, envelopes and LFOs to create distinct presets. Factory presets differ because manufacturers' sound engineers program according to their own ears. If you don't program your own sounds or editing the presets,. you end up with the sounds that the programmer put in. These are great sounds, but they may not be exactly what your music calls for. Every synth has its own unique qualities. If you'd like to edit your sounds, you should seriously consider the synth's interface. You are more likely to learn how to program your synth if the interface is easy to navigate and user friendly. Some synths also offer sample expandability, which allows you to add new sampled waveforms for more sound power. Making good use of effects is also very important in creating great sounds. If you just want to make music, and don't want to worry about editing or creating your own sounds, you're still in luck. You can purchase cool custom sounds for just about every synth made.