Saturday, February 03, 2007

Yamaha MOTIF MM6 Music Synthesizer

Yamaha MOTIF MM6 Music Synthesizer

Yamaha MOTIF MM6 Music Synthesizer

The Yamaha MM6 Music Synthesizer delivers the power to create, perform and make you move. Drawing on the the same sounds as the pro-level MOTIF series workstations, the MM6 has a wide variety of dynamic, realistic and just plain powerful voices to help you create amazing music. The MM6 keyboard also gives you total control over your sound with real-time tweakable knobs and special patterns for full backing of your live performance and song creation. As the MM6 is exceptionally light and portable, you'll be able to bring it anywhere your music takes you.

The MM6 has 418 voices and 22 onboard drum kits. These exceptionally high-quality sounds range from authentic and natural acoustic instruments to wild and unique to in-your-face synth voices. An extra set of GM voices is built into the instrument allowing access to the huge library of songs in that format.

Maximize your Music
Much of today's music is being made on computers and the MM6 digital piano is built to fit right into any computer music system. Just connect the USB (to host) terminal on the MM6 to your computer with a standard USB cable and you've got the makings of a sophisticated recording setup. Just to make sure you've got a head start, it includes a free copy of Cubase LE - a full-featured music production application that has all you need to record your performance data from the Yamaha MOTIF MM6 via MIDI, edit the data, process the sounds with effects, arrange it in multiple tracks and perform the final mixdown.

Yamaha MOTIF MM6 Music Synthesizer Features:

* AWM2 Tone generator
* 32 note polyphony
* 16 part muli-timbral capacity
* 70mb wave ROM (in 16-bit linear format)
* 418 normal voices, 22 drum kits
* 128 GM voices, 1 GM drum kit
* 8 banks of 8 performance settings
* 25 reverb types
* 30 chorus types
* 5 master EQ types

* 96 parts per quarter note resolution
* 11-280bpm tempo range
* Real-time replace recording
* 168 patterns (x4 sections)
* 3 preset songs, 5 user songs
* 400 song max with USB
* 213 preset arpeggio types

Yamaha MOTIF MM6 Music Synthesizer Specifications:

* Connections
* Left, Right (1/4" mono)
* Headphones (1/4" stereo)
* Foot Controller
* Sustain
* MIDI In/Out
* DC inlet (12w power consumption)

37.35" x 14.75" x 4.85"
* 11 lbs.