Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Moog Little Phatty - Limited Edition - $1379.99

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Moog Little Phatty - Limited Edition - $1379.99

Handbuilt quality and unmatched Moog sound in a special edition tabletop synth.

The Little Phatty analog synth was designed to bring you the expressive, intuitive playability and timeless quality of a Moog Analog Synthesizer in a portable, more affordable package. It boasts a 100-percent analog signal path, 100 user-editable presets, and a 37-note keyboard with +/-2 octave transpose. It also has two ultra-stable oscillators, a classic Moog low pass ladder filter, four-stage analog envelope generators, and Real Analog Control (RAC). RAC is a proprietary Moog technology which enables you to directly interface with the analog circuitry via knobs on the control panel without any digital processing.

Moog will initially release a special, limited edition run of 1,200 individually numbered Bob Moog Tribute Edition synths.

The limited run, Tribute Edition of the Little Phatty has special Moog wood side panels, a Bob Moog signature plate across the front and rear, comes with a CD-ROM featuring highlights of the Bob Moog Memorial Celebration Service, and a special Bob Moog poster. If you have been waiting to go analog, your wait is over.

Moog Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer - Tribute Edition Features:

* 100-percent all-analog signal path
* Bob Moog-designed sound engine
* Portable, tabletop package
* 100 user-editable presets
* 37-note keyboard with +/-2 octave transpose
* 2 ultra-stable oscillators
* Classic Moog low pass ladder filter
* 4-stage analog envelope generators
* Real Analog Control (RAC) circuitry interface

From studio to stage, the Little Phatty is a musician's dream. Moog's innovative engineering and tried-and-true manufacturing mean you can have the sound you want at a price that's well within reach. Order yours now!