Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nord G2X Modular Synthesizer

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Nord G2X Modular Synthesizer
Our Price: $1,999.00
List Price: $3,499.00

The second generation is here!

The 5-octave Nord Modular G2X offers same functionality as the famous 3-octave Nord Modular G2 plus some nice extras. The G2 Voice Expansion board, which doubles the polyphony, is standard. 2 additional modulation wheels enable even more realtime expression. Each wheel features an LED which makes it easier to view the modulation amount. The keyboard features velocity- and aftertouch-sensitivity. Includes a gooseneck microphone ready to plug into the XLR mic input on the front panel. Perfect for vocal exercises like vocoding etc.

Differences with the 3-octave Nord Modular G2 are:

5 octave velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard Voice Expansion board fitted as standard 3 assignable modulation wheels with position LEDs Gooseneck XLR microphone included

Nord G2X Modular Synthesizer Features:

* Over 150 different categories of modules with oscillators, filters, envelopes, vocoder, physical modelling, reverb, delay, frequency shifter, pitch tracker, sequencers, LFOs, MIDI modules etc, etc.

Voice Expansion board fitted as standard for double polyphony compared to the standard G2

Easy access to 120 patch parameters on the synth front panel for easy real-time sound editing and tweaking

8 patch variations for creation and storage of 8 complete parameter setups per Patch for instant recall from the front panel

8 Morph Groups per patch for controlling sets of parameters from single control sources (mod wheels, pitch stick, keyboard velocity, aftertouch, control pedal etc.)

Multiple patches can be set up as Performances

Internal audio and MIDI buses between the 4 slots

MIDI modules control and automate external MIDI equipment

USB connection between G2X and PC or Mac Editor

4 audio ins plus an included gooseneck mic with an XLR Mic input and built-in preamp

4 separate audio outs

Internal RAM for reverb and delay effects, physical modeling, and more

3 freely assignable mod wheels with position LEDs, one pitch stick and 2 pedal inputs

Large internal memory for storing patches and performances (multi patches)

Extremely compact patch file size (3kB) for easy sharing

24-bit/96kHz internal processing for highest possible sound quality

Crystal clear 24-bit, 96 kHz A/D/A converters

Lightweight and portable